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Roles are a way of officially joining our community in a capacity that, not only suits you, but has been identified as an area to help the community too. This hopefully assist you if you're not sure how or where you can apply your unique skill sets. But feel free to create new roles too, if you have something else to offer :)

Typically, a role will have one Leadership position along with any number of supporters.
The leadership role is intended for someone who is willing and able to take on a more managerial and engaged part in the role.
Supporting roles can be equally enthusiastic, however, are designed for those who, understandably, may not be as frequently available.

16 Roles available.

Backlog Reviewers

Peter Schmidt | 1 Supporter Adam Wilson

Help flesh out others’ ideas in the Forum and craft wording and examples when needed to ensure feature requests, enhancements and bug fixes are clear and concise for the Treepl team to action.


(closed to founding members - pending review)

Coders wishing to help plan and develop features for the Treehouse site or other coding adventures.


Adam Wilson | 3 Supporters Ryan Given
Hope Stewart
Alex Bell

The Treepl CMS documentation is open to community contribution. If you’re good at writing instruction and training materials try your hand at documentation.

Fun Squad

Leadership vacant | 0 Supporters

Outgoing peeps who can get the party started… or at least inject fun, humor and engagement all around the community. Keeping morale high and our days fun!

Graphic Designers

Megan Bennett | 6 Supporters Ryan Given
Peter Schmidt
Craig Rogers
Adele Taylor
Adam Wilson
Aaron Macdonald

Creative folk who can lend a hand with any visuals required for Treehouse activities.

Legal Advisors

Leadership vacant | 0 Supporters

Studious individuals able to advise or implement matters pertaining to legal requirements/best practices for the Treehouse website and it’s members/users. Global representation is needed here since we span many continents.

Meeting Assistants

Katherine Anderson, Aaron Macdonald | 0 Supporters

Good listeners and those familiar with Zoom who can help keep meetings running smoothly, such as chatroom monitoring, presentation technical assistance, viewer tech support, etc.


Tim Lochmüller | 2 Supporters Steve Johnson
Ryan Given

Generous souls who can spare some time to show new-comers around Treepl CMS. Assisting with that crucial first step of exploring a new system; by reducing the overwhelm and providing a huge, comforting welcome into our community.

Role Managers

(closed to founding members - pending review)

People good at managing people; to monitor and work between roles and help keep things moving smoothly.

Social Influencers

Leadership vacant | 1 Supporter Peter Schmidt

Individuals able/willing to rally action, increase engagement or otherwise help with ideas in all areas of promoting awareness around Treepl and Treehouse activities.

Technical Marketers

Katherine Anderson | 1 Supporter Scott Harwood

Those with the know-how to implement or strengthen any marketing activities we might engage in, or even those willing to provide advice/services to the Treepl team if needed. Such as SEO, SEM, copywriting or any online marketing efforts.


Leadership vacant | 5 Supporters Peter Schmidt
Peter Medbury
James Hall
Adam Wilson
Aaron Macdonald

Those who like getting their hands dirty and can run new and existing Treepl features through the ringer, for the purpose of finding bugs/improvements and report findings to the Treepl team.


(closed to founding members - pending review)

Responsible and trustworthy types who like managing limited amounts of funding or know how to acquire it.


Agency Contributors

Leadership vacant | 1 Supporter Scott Harwood

Identifying role for those contributing Agency resources.


Code Contributors

Adam Wilson | 5 Supporters Ryan Given
Peter Medbury
James Hall
Alex Bell
Aaron Macdonald

Identifying role for those contributing Code resources.


Marketplace Contributors

Leadership vacant | 0 Supporters

Identifying role for those contributing Marketplace resources.

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