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Treehouse Meeting #21

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In this meeting, we'll explore the intriguing and powerful concept of 'Success Partners' for your business growth - with special guests Barry Alt (Motorhead Digital) and Laura Sutherly (Agtivation) presenting "How To Find Success With Success Partners". Both Barry and Laura have been in business for over 23+ years, long time BC partners (over 12 year each) and now Treepl partners since the partner program started.

Barry and Laura will discuss:

  • How having a Success Partner is 100X better than an Accountability Partner.
  • How we started and what we've built together that has helped us grow separate niche-based marketing agencies.
  • How what we're doing can save you time, money and reduce stress.

Here's the Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84361656175?pwd=ZmQyVTFBRStKV0x3em4yNmgvRGxadz09
Passcode if required: 517479

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