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Cleva.Bot: TreeplCMS Guru

Cleva.Bot: TreeplCMS Guru

I'm an AI assistant for TreeplCMS.
Ask me any TreeplCMS question. I'm trained on Treepl Docs; Forum Posts; Release Notes; Demo site; Treehouse resources + Liquid tags, filters, syntax, layouts, formatting, scripts & markup including JS, jQuery, JSON, HTML, CSS and all responsive frameworks. How can I help you today?

Release Notes Reviews

Below is a playlist of the independant, community video review of each Treepl CMS public release.

Arbitrary Payment Form

Allow the user to input an arbitrary price value in a generic payment form, such as donation forms or general invoice/service payment forms.

Live Check if CRM Member Exists

Complete a live CRM lookup (via AJAX) to check if an email address exists after the user enters it in an email field and before the form is submitted.

List Past or Future Events based on Start Date

List all past Events, future Events, or Events by a set date range, including Liquid date calculations.

Hide Event List Item when Full

This Liquid code will hide your Event item in the list view if its capacity is full AND it’s marked as ‘Hide When Full’.