Reply to customer from Workflow Notification

Configure a 'Reply-to' link for responding directly to a customer from the Workflow Notification, maintaining their enquiry details in the email message.


Scenario; client would like to reply “directly” on the Workflow Notifications he receives from the contact form on the website.
But, if they hit reply, they would reply to the “from email” set in the admin for that Workflow email. Instead, they would like to reply to the client that submitted the form.

  1. Add a link in the Workflow Notification body that says “Reply to client”, with dynamically set email address and the enquiry set for the body content, like so:

    <!--Treehouse CODE v1.0.0-->
    <a href="mailto:{{}}?subject=YOUR SUBJECT&body={{this.formSubmissionData.fields.custom.comment.value}}">Reply to user</a>

    So when the client clicks the link it will open a new email, with the subject you choose. The “to” email will be the one from the form submission and the content of the email will be whatever the user put in the “comment/enquiry” field when they submitted the form.

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